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VAVSEA Dehumidifier

VAVSEA Dehumidifier, Use for High Humidity in Home, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Basements, Wardrobe Closet, Office, RV

About VAVSEA Dehumidifier

  • High-Efficiency Dehumify: VAVSEA Electric Small dehumidifier with 17oz(500ml) capacity tank extracts up to 300ml/day, and dehumidification feature better than ordinary electric dehumidifier. Fits for area about 150sq·ft apartment, working at RH85% condition has a significant effect. The small dehumidifier for home helps you improve air quality and create a comfortable and health living environment for you.
  • Energy Saving-Healthy: This mini dehumidifier is effective and energy saving with a power only 23W/hour which means using only 0.552kW of electricity after running for 24 hours. This dehumidifier air conditioner environmentally friendly and more affordable than traditional chemical absorbents.
  • Ultra-Quiet: Dehumidifiers for home take excessive water out of the air with super quite design. Utilising thermoelectric (peltier) cooling that is whisper quiet and energy efficient with a low power consumption. Noise is below 30dB, runs quiet with no annoying sound, without disturbing your sleep, work or study, perfect for space like bedroom.
  • Smart Auto-Shutoff Function: The safe dehumidifier shut-off automatically when full water. The indicator light would turn Red when the water tank needs draining. Easily removal and back into the air dehumidifier. Note: air filter optimal operating temperature is 41°F-122°F, below 41°F the effect of dehumidification is not obvious. Perfect for Environment Over 15°C, over 40%RH.
  • Easy to Operate and Portable: Our portable dehumidifier is mini-size and will automatically shut-off. Perfect for use in home,kitchen,bathroom, bedroom, caravan, garage, closet. And you can easy to move it into bedrooms, bathrooms, RV and offices.

Specifications Of VAVSEA Dehumidifier

This mini dehumidifier from VAVSEA quickly and efficiently removes damp, mould and moisture from the air.It utilizes advanced peltier technology which is not only extremely energy efficient but whisper quiet too, allowing you to run it all day and night without any loud or disturbing noises. It is perfect for use in small spaces(0-20m²) such as your kitchen, garage, basement, caravan, wardrobe, boat or anywhere else prone to damp air.

  • 1.Extracts up to 17 ounces of moisture per day
  • 2.Large capacity water tank, Auto-Off and LED indicator when full
  • 3.Ultra-quiet peltier technology (Thermo-electric cooling)
  • 4.Tiny and easy to carry


Material: Safe ABS plastic
Power: 23W
Voltage: DC 9V 3A
Noise: <30dB
Size: 154mm(W)*130mm(H)*218mm(D)
Volume: 500ml
Working capacity: 250-300ml/D (25℃, 85%RH)
Coverage area: 0-20㎡

Features Of VAVSEA Dehumidifier

1. Auto Shut Off & Led Indicator

Built-in water level monitor prevents water overflow. VAVSEA small dehumidifier will shut off when the water tank full, and the “Red” LED will come on.

2. Easy to Drain Water

Follow these 4 steps,easily empty the water tank and place it back into the dehumidifier.

3. Ultra Quiet and Energy Efficient

Utilising thermoelectric (peltier) cooling that is whisper quiet and energy efficient with a low power consumption, mini dehumidifier creates enjoyable and more comfortable for your family.

What can VAVSEA dehumidifier do for you?

  • 1.Removing Excess Moisture Effectively
  • 2.Helps You Feel Comfortable and Eliminate Terrible Smell
  • 3.Protect Your Home Structure and Precious Items
  • 4.Creating a Healthy Family EnvironmentLive A Healthier Life

The VAVSEA Dehumidifier, Attract excess moisture in your home or office and create a healthier environment by dehumidifying the air around you. It is perfect for use in small spaces(0-20m²)The compact and portable design is the perfect size to keep your Home, Basements, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Wardrobe Closet, Office, RV and other small rooms in a dry and comfortable environment. Whether you are ready to create a heathier air environment for your family or get rid of moisture,peculiar smell,pollen,pet dander in your home, car,basement,caravan, office, garage ,our Dehumidifier is ready for your need!

How to get a better dehumidification with VAVSEA dehumidifier?

  • 1. This small dehumidifier perfect for use in small spaces(0-20m²) such as your kitchen, garage, basement, caravan, wardrobe, boat or anywhere else prone to damp air.
  • 2. Close the doors and windows where you run this dehumidifier for RV.
  • 3. It should not be used near the heat source, and the air inlet and outlet should be kept open.
  • 4. Perfect for Environment over 15°C, over 40%RH.

FAQs About VAVSEA Dehumidifier

1. Will this work by battery power only?

No, it can work with all types of power sources. If you only have battery, it should work the same as regular power. Just as a precaution, us a surge protector to help prevent any unnecessary damage to the device.

2. How to clean and install the water tank?

Just push in the tank and for me when it mid full I pull it out and put our the water. Depending how much moisture in the air in your area usually 2~3 days.

3. How to pour water?

1.When the water tank is full, the unit will automatically switched off and the “Red” LED will come on.
2.Please remove the water tank.
3.Please pull up the black silicone plug
4.Pour the water out and put the water tank back into the unit. To continue dehumidifying, press the “On/Off’ button to “On” position again. 

10 Top Reviews for VAVSEA Dehumidifier

1. Just What I Needed

 It’s small, quiet, inexpensive, and easy to operate. I was using Damp Rid for a small, closed off, section of my basement and this got rid of humidity at least five times faster. If you have a small area the you need dried out and don’t want to spend a ton of money then store something huge, this is just the thing for you.

2. Noise level of dehumidifier

This compact dehumidifier is ideal for use in the kitchen area. It is truly compact and extremely quiet. Also, it is easy to use and empty when needed.

3. The right dehumidifier for the money and for small spaces.

I have several mini-dehumidifiers throughout the house, as I live in a fog-heavy zone within the San Francisco Bay Area. Right out of the box, which came quickly, the compact Vavsea dehumidifier whose price was right quietly started pulling moisture from the small, spare bedroom. By day’s end, I could clearly tell at least 1/4-1/2 inch of water was visible in the see-through tank. The Vavsea does not have the power that large dehumidifiers do but my expectations are realistic for such a small unit. I am content to know that it is doing more than a decent job of controlling the moisture in the air. A customer service representative promptly responded to the email I sent to register the 12month warranty.

4. Great dehumidifier for small spaces

I’ve only been using this portable dehumidifier for a few days, but so far I really like it. I have a very tiny en suite bathroom whose window became useless when the original owners decided to add an enclosed sun porch so that the bathroom window opened onto the sun porch instead of outside. My father and I blocked off the window since it was now useless and added a ceiling fan which sucks the moisture through a duct in the attic and then through a vent that leads outside. Unfortunately, this has not been enough to prevent a damp smell that permeates long after a hot shower. With this dehumidifier, it started collecting the moisture in the air immediately and I can see the water that is being collected. The bathroom no longer has a damp smell and I am very pleased. I’m not sure how well the dehumidifier would perform in a large space, but for my tiny bathroom, I am definitely getting my money’s worth.

5. Very effective product

I use VAVSEA dehumidifier in my apartment closet (which is next to the bathroom), it works like a wonder! My closet doesn’t smell bad after one night, and I was shocked how much water was in the tank after the first night! And it’s very quiet, you won’t notice it’s there. And even if you listen really hard and hear it, it’s like a quiet while noise (at night, I can’t hear it during the day at all).

6. Helpful

 I’m happy with the performance of such a small device.Recommended for this model. It’s spring going on summer so the demands are less than during the winter so that is helping. It doesn’t remove the volume of water the big ones do but it also is not taking up floor space. I think it is a good option and maybe a second one up forward will be enough during the winter. They are small enough to store in a drawer when sailing. They make very little noise when running. I have mine about 3 feet from me at the moment and it is no louder than a fan in a laptop computer. So far I can recommend this one and will get one more later in the year.

7.  Good Product for the Value

This is a great product. I have another brand’s dehumidifier in my kids’ bathroom, and VASVEA’s dehumidifier appears to work better. I can turn it on while I shower to prevent my bathroom from fogging up too much and creating mold. Great product. Would recommend. Definitely worth the money

8. Small form factor

I just got it, but it is a small form factor and will evaluate it over the next few weeks. I will update if it doesn’t perform as expected.

Update 1/21(updated to 5 stars) – I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and works wonderful. I have it in a little bit larger room than specified (270 sq ft), but seems to be doing okay. It pulls about 6 ounces of water out of the air every 2 – 3 days. My hygrometer would read relative humidity in the mid-50’s in the morning which would cause slight condensation on the inside of my windows. This has been running for about 2 weeks and in the morning it now reads below 50% which has all but eliminated my condensation on the windows.

9. Excellent dehumidifier

We got this dehumidifier for use in our home, which is an older home and often gets damp. I love how easy it is to just plug this unit into the outlet, and turn it on, and it’s operating with a barely noticeable, quiet hum. After running for a couple of days, this hard-working unit removed more than a half cup of water, most impressively. The collection compartment for water removed from the air is spacious, yet this unit is small enough to tuck out of the way. I love it!

10. Tiny, but RV perfect

Bought this for our RV for in the bedroom where condensation was starting to ruin our shelves. I bought it mostly due to its small size. I have to empty it once every three or four days depending on how wet it is outside. I have literally had it running nonstop since I bought it. It was super quiet at first but has gotten a bit louder with time, but isn’t noticeable unless you are right next to it. The only things I don’t like about it are how big the plug is and the plastic part that I assume turns the full indicator light on (pictured)- when you go to empty it, you have to flip it upside down to keep that part in place when putting it back together to prevent it from falling out. Overall I am happy with it. I also appreciate the 12 month warranty the company offers in case anything does go wrong with it over the next year.

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