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VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun – 60/100W Dual Power Glue Gun Kit with 60 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks

VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun, VAVSEA 60/100W Dual Power Glue Gun Kit with 60 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks, 3 Rubber Finger Protector, Use for School DIY Arts and Kids Crafts, Home Office Repairs

About VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun

  • Rapid Heating +Unique Dual Power 60/100W: VAVSEA hot glue gun featured with unique heating system to ensure 2-5 min fast preheating,its smart temperature control design enables it to remain constant temperature.You can switch between 60W and 100W freely according to your craft needs. Usually 60w for a small project, 100w with high temperature for a large project. You can according to different applications choose the different temperatures.
  • Compact Design: hot-melt glue gun adopts the trigger handle of the spring device, the grip is more comfortable, and it can be lightly pressed during use. This design conforms to the principle of ergonomics and is more convenient and labor-saving to operate. The front part of the fuselage is also equipped with a bracket, which serves as a fixed support, which is convenient for the placement of the glue gun during use, and can also protect the glue stick.
  • 60PCS Good Adhesive Glue Sticks and Three rubber finger protector: VAVSEA glue gun provides 60 pcs glue sticks (7mm x 200mm each), including 30 pcs white glue sticks and 30 pcs colorful glue sticks, with environmental protection, non-toxic and high viscosity and easy cleaning properties feature. With strong adhesion, the glue gun set is more practical.Adopts leak-proof adhesive design can save more glue sticks.Three rubber finger protector provide especially for protecting your hand !!
  • Widely Use: VAVSEA hot glue gun great for DIY, home, office and Craft, Arts & Home and Quick Repairs,Christmas Decoration/Gifts, sealing, wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone, ceramic, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, fabric and other materials.
  • Lightweight & Portable: With detachable and flexible support to keep the glue gun with sticks stable and upright, suitable for handy for decorating projects at the home, office, or school. Its small size doesn’t take up much space, you could have it in your travel bag.

Specifications Of VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun

  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Glue temperature: 105℃-185℃
  • Power cord length: 150cm
  • Heating time: 2-5 minutes
  • Glue stick: 60pcs
  • Glue stick size: 200*7mm
  • Finger protector: 3pcs

Features Of VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun

1. Comfortable to Hold

VAVSEA glue gun is designed with a comfortable longer handle to fit most hand sizes and ensure a more comfortable grip. It’s friendly to both kids and adults to hold naturally, reduce hand fatigue, and focus more on DIY with no need to change the gripping frequently for comfort.

2. Easy to Use

  • Insert glue stick.
  • Switch on and adjust power 60/100W.
  • Preheat for 2-5 minutes and pull the triggle.
  • Put the bracket pointing down.

3. Pros of vavsea hot glue gun

  • Unique Dual Power 60/100W
  • Suitable for children’s safe use
  • Fast heating and melting
  • Compact designed with comfortable handling

VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun Package Contents

1. Hot glue gun: The dual power option hot glue guns can be moved freely because of the lightweight shape.

2. 60 pollution-free and tasteless glue sticks.

  • Product Size: 7*200mm
  • Color: 30pcs white + 30pcs colorful

3. 3PCS Finger protector: The finger covers can protect your fingers while working with hot glue, applying adhesive, to keep safe.

FAQs Of VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun

1. How many glue sticks will be equipped with the product?

VAVSEA glue gun provides 60 pcs glue sticks (7mm x 200mm each), including 30 pcs white glue sticks and 30 pcs colorful glue sticks, with environmental protection, non-toxic and high viscosity and easy cleaning properties feature. With strong adhesion, the glue gun set is more practical.Adopts leak-proof adhesive design can save more glue sticks.

2. What’s the preheating time of this hot glue gun?

For this hot glue gun , With 60-100W power, it needs only 2 -5 minutes or less preheating time , faster than 20W similar products.

3. What is the warranty on the gun?

This VAVSEA 60/100W dual power glue gun has 24 month warranty.

Helpful Tips While Using VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun

  1. Do not pull out the glue stick after heating
  2. Do not touch the nozzle when the glue gun is working
  3. Do not press the trigger during preheating period, or it could result in a broken trigger

10 Top Reviews Of VAVSEA Hot Glue Gun

1. So cool & fun

We needed a new glue gun and when I saw this came with glitter glue sticks, I went ahead and ordered. While I wasn’t sure if it worked well, I ordered anyways. So glad I did because this glue gun works perfectly. Heats up a lot faster than our older one. There is a low and high heat setting on this gun. We found that doing different arts and crafts, the heat setting actually comes in handy. If we don’t want to have a stringy or cobwebbing effect, we turn it on the low setting. If we’re just gluing pieces of fabric or other items together, the high setting is best. With the low setting, we’ve been using it for paper crafts with the kids. We’ve been able to let the kids use the glue gun because the low setting is a lot safer. When it comes to making costumes, the high setting is a lot better. The glitter glue sticks are definitely a great bonus with this glue gun. If you do use the glitter and then regular glue sticks, you will get a little remnants of glitter but if you go through 2-3 sticks, no more glitter.

2. Best glue gun to buy and use

I really like this hot glue gun. It is heavyweight and stands up by itself and does not slide across the surface it’s on. The trigger works really well. I used it to secure hooks on family heirloom ornaments. It heats up quickly and is ready to use within the time suggested by manufacturer. It is the best glue gun I have owned.

3. Perfect for home crafters!!!!

Quick to heat. Precise with excellent flow. The flip out stand is super helpful. Love the assortment of glue sticks it came with! Great buy!

4. Very durable

Very easy to use. It warms the glue in no time so your able to complete your project quickly. This is a heavy duty glue gun. The last 3 i bought in store broke while trying to use but this one I’ve had 15 days and haven’t broke it yet. Amazing price.

5. Very handy to have to complete any craft or project

What an easy to use hot glue gun! I love that there are both clear and colored glue sticks making this perfect for any project. The gun heats up well and you have glue whenever you need it once plugged in. I would buy this and absolutely recommend it!

6. I’m impressed!

This family has seen its share of glue guns but this one is the best we’ve had! It heats up quickly, comes with fingertip covers, and the glue comes out evenly. VERY easy to use- even for our 11 and 14-year old.

7. Viscosity is very strong

The old hot-melt gun at home is old and broken. Buy it again. The hot melt gun received is a small one, suitable for manual use. It’s easy to hold. The heating rate is very fast. No leakage. The object is consistent with the description! Good materials and fine workmanship. The nozzle is long and thin, and the gap is small, which is conducive to gluing
After I bought the slippers, they stuck on quickly

8. Easy

Easy to use. Warmed up right away. Used it to glue tiny balls on two Christmas wreaths that needed refurbishment. Used it for 8 hours in two days with no problem. Came with glue sticks in assorted colors as well. Would recommend. Not a crafter so it was new to me and easy to handle for a novice.

9. Versatile glue gun for diy, full of accessories

The grip is good and the the amount of refill glue very satisfactory.
One of the best features of the gun is that there is no glue dripping, even if the power is on since a long time.
The additional gum finger protections are a nice gift and very useful in practice!

10. 100% Solid Product

This mini glue gun is very well made. The housing is quality plastic with a rubberized body, and the cord is nice and thick.

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