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VAVSEA Toilet Brush – With Drying Holder for Bathroom, Wall Mounted Without Drilling

VAVSEA Toilet Brush, 2 Pack Toilet Brush with Ventilated Quickly Drying Holder, for Bathroom, Floor Standing & Wall Mounted Without Drilling

About VAVSEA Toilet Brush

  • Non-scratch TPR Material Bristles: Scrubs and removes stains on the closes tool surface easily with little scratches; less likely to wear and tear, durable and sturdy. Besides, the wide bristle space on the toilet brush head can be rinsed clean easily and no-sticky of hair.
  • Quick Drying Holder with Detachable Base: The toilet brush holder with Detachable base can catches excess water or sewage. With a clever ventilation design, which allows the toilet brush to dry and drain more easily. It can also make the toilet bowl brush cleaner and more hygienic.
  • Two Placement Methods Optional: Unique Buckle for wall mounted design, keeps the toilet brush with holder in wall (free of punching). Saving the space to hold the toilet brush and holder set. If you prefer to keep the floor clear, so you can clean the bathroom floor without having to lift or remove the toilet scrubber brush. Two way for using, you can also storage behind toilet.
  • Easy And Efficient Cleaning Tool: Silicone toilet brush designed with ergonomic non-slip extended handle is comfortable to grip. The handle of toilet cleaner brush is made of waterproof PP material for not dirty hand and not rust.
  • Easy Installation: The toilet brush set is assembled from a few simple parts, which can be assembled quickly in just one or two minutes. There are matching silicone toilet brush heads for additional options.

Features Of VAVSEA Toilet Brush

VAVSEA toilet brush is made of high-quality PP handle and TPR brush head. 

1. Washable TPR Brush Head

  • Sturdy & Durable, not easy to wear and deform.
  • No shedding and fading, Long term service life guaranteed.
  • Easy to clean, no hair tangling, simply rinse it with water.

2. Efficient and Effective Cleaning

  • The silicone toilet brush allows you to clean hard-to-reach places and under the rim thoroughly.
  • It can go deep into pipes and grooves and remove dead corner stains without scratching the glaze. It brings you a brand new toilet.

3. Hollowed Out Ventilation & Removable Holder Base

  • The drip tray catches excessive water and the ventilation slots allow water to quickly evaporate.
  • No Bad smell, Keep your bathroom nice and clean.

4. Wall Mounted Design, Save Space For You

  • You can place the toilet brush and holder on the wall or floor as you like by the strong stickiness sticker without drilling on the wall.

Warm Tips: Please use the sticker on smooth surface and wipe the surface to keep clean and dry before using the sticker.

Advantages of VAVSEA Toilet Brush and Holder

  1. 360 degree soft & sturdy silicone bristles for deep cleaning.
  2. Non-sticky of hair, stain resistant,easy to clean and install.
  3. Won’t scratch the surface of toilet bowl.
  4. Clean design fits great in any bathroom.
  5. Non-slip extended handle made of PP that won’t rust.
  6. Elegant & compact toilet brush set for storage.
  7. Removable toilet brush base.
  8. It is longer than other toilet scrubber brush(size: 4.13 x 4.13 x 17.72 inch).

FAQs for VAVSEA Toilet Brush

1. Is this toilet brush tip silicone?How is it antibacterial?

This toilet brush head is made of silicone and is cleaner than traditional toilet brushes.Silicone dries quickly, and the ventilation design makes water not deposit.

2. After you clean the toilet and replace the brush into the holder, does water drip through the holes in the bottom of the holder?

Our toilet brush is made of silicone bristle, the water just falls right off after cleaning the toilet. Therefore, when you put the brush into the holder, a whole bunch of nasty toilet water doesn’t stay trapped inside of the brush holder, and the Holder Base can absorb excess water.The holes in the bottom of the holder is designed for ventilation and quick-drying.

3. Is the head of this brush removable?

Yes, the TPR toilet brush head can be removed

10 Top Reviews Of VAVSEA Toilet Brush

1. Nice toilet brush with rubber head

I was interested in this brush because of the rubber head. According to a materials search, the TPR head should have high flexibility fatigue resistance and good tear and abrasion resistance. The handle comes in 2 pieces and when fully assembled is rigid and there is no flex, so you can use more leverage if needed without it bending. When the brush is placed in the holder, it is held tight and will not fall over. The brush head itself is flexible and has enough friction to clean well. It rinses off easily so should be simple to keep clean. I think this brush will last much longer than a standard bristle brush, which tends to deform and the bristles fall out after a few uses. I highly recommend it.

2. Easy to clean and perfect shape

Love these!! I recently switched to a flat silicone brush that was nice but hard to get to some places. The shape on these is PERFECT to get every nook and cranny. I was also able to soak them in bleach and rinse them in the bathtub easily. Somehow they clean all the grime in the toilet but the silicone bristles don’t trap all the gook like the regular thin plastic bristles always do. I’ll order them again…. if I ever need to! I think they’re really going to hold up a long time!

3. Easy assembly. Stands upright in holder

In a matter of a minute I was done with the assembly. You just screw together the handle and then screw it to the brush. Just by hand. No tool required. The brush itself looks as though it will do a great job cleaning the toilets and being cleaned themselves. I have 4 stars for the cleaning because I have not yet used them. It is a super deal for 2 brushes and holders. They also stand upright with no leaning causing it to be unstable when sitting in holder.

4. Surprisingly great!

That is, I didn’t expect to ever think much of a toilet brush. The rubber bristles conform well to the shape of your toilet boil, making it much easier to get spots than with a rigid plastic brush. Handle is sturdy, and I can see this holding up over time. Recommend!

5. Life changing

 Did not know I could love a toilet brush as much as I do! It’s really sturdy and clean looking – I’ve never seen bristles like those before and it looks likes its going to be extremely easy to clean! Not sure if I’m going to hang it just yet but love the fact that I can choose to if I want!

6. Easy to set up!

The Vavsea toilet brush is very easy to set up and has a convenient mounting double-sided tape to be placed against the wall or it can be set on the floor. It also does an excellent job at cleaning.

7. Best product for your bathroom!

I really like this product, first it is very convenient since I have two bathrooms, so it was perfect! Second they are very well made and easy to assemble, I really like that it comes with a sticky side so I can put it anywhere in the restroom. It honestly cleans so well and I highly recommend you getting one!!

8. I like this brush

This brush can really clean the toilet and itself is easy to wash.

9. Happy with my purchase

I like that the base is smaller and takes up less space than others and the whole brush is covered & not exposed. The handle is longer than most as well and easier to use.

10. Very Modern

This toilet bowl brush looks very modern and with great features. The bristles look solid. I love it.

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